Adrienne started dancing at the age of three.  At the age of fifteen, she started dancing on a competitive dance team, where she was soon named team captain. She was introduced to various partnership dances in high school, quickly realizing she had a knack for it. She was fortunate enough to pursue ballroom more formally in college, and has been doing so for the past ten years. 


    After receiving her BFA in Media and Theatre Performance,  Adrienne also acquired her DVIDA certification, recognized by the National Dance Council of America, which she is a member of today. She has also won various titles in the American Rhythm competitive circuit.  As well, Adrienne continues to work with coaches from all over the country, not only to constantly improve her own dancing, but more importantly to bring her students the most up to date information on current dance styles and technique.  In addition, she is yoga certified and is currently offering private, semi-private, and group sessions.  For more information, visit the yoga tab in the drop down menu! 


    Adrienne loves helping people in all walks of life.  Whether someone is looking for a challenge, a new hobby, a stress reliever, fitness, or beyond, she tailors the lessons around her students' specific goals and needs. She brings not only her vast knowledge to the lessons, but has been told her encouragement, patience, as well as pushing her students to bring their best to every lesson, is the perfect fit for someone wanting to learn how to dance.