"Adrienne!! Thank you so much! Being able to walk around and just now laying down, I feel so good! Relaxed and rejuvenated."-Andrew K.

"Anna and I had the most amazing yoga session with Adrienne. We both feel so much better. Thank you!"-Bobby M.

"Thank you so much for the lesson today.  What a treat! It was easily the best yoga lesson I've ever had.  I've done a lot of random yoga over the years and how you did everything was just great!"-David W.

"Thank you for today's class.  My back feels fantastic, and it was so useful for me. I appreciate it a lot!"-Jen F.

"Thank you! Feeling like butter right now!  And I love that I'm not sore, my back isn't inflamed, etc.  I'm sore in a good way, it isn't pain."-Hunter P.