"Adrienne is a talented, effective, and lovely dance instructor with a cheerful and engaging personality that makes dancing fun. It has been my pleasure to learn dancing from her over the last several years. If dancing is in your plans, then you need to call Adrienne!"

Jason Bacon

"Adrienne has several assets that make her a good choice: As far as leading by example, she definitely has a style that speaks authoritatively, "I know how to move."  In light of above, she is very charitable in assessing the student's skills, and recognizing progress or effort.  She keeps the lesson light, in spite of her underlying serious attitude. She is patient to a fault."

Bill Kraft

"I am an expert ballroom dancer.  I'm just kidding, I'm terrible. I am, however, getting better and gaining a better understanding of what dance is all about thanks to Adrienne! The way she teaches makes it so much easier to see how each dance is supposed to go. She also breaks each style down by naming them after legendary characters and actors/actresses from films everyone would know. It's her way of getting you ready to be in that character's mode to connect with the dance.  She's awesome! (So awesome, I had to sign up for more classes!) Call, Learn, DANCE!!!"

Nate Bradley

"Adrienne is a quintessential dance instructor.  Whether you are interested in dance for competition or for social purposes, she will personalize her teaching methodologies for every unique student so that their dance education is complete and rich in experience."

Rick Spencer

"Adrienne made dancing with my husband such an enjoyable experience.  She was very thorough, yet was able to keep it simple enough for us to follow along!  I definitely recommend her as a dance instructor no matter what level of dancing one wishes to achieve."

Lynn Anderson

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